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Algonquin College

Student Application Portal

At the Library


A team project part of our post-graduation program at Algonquin College, we worked on improvising UX of student application portal. 


The application process varies for international and domestic students, often involving a third party, and can lead to uncertainty and delays, with applicants requesting a standardized process.

My Role

UX Designer
UX Researcher


• Figma
• Miro


• User Research

• User Interviews

• UI Design

• Wireframing

• Prototyping


Myself, Noha, Luna, Jay


4 months

Problem Statement

We aimed to redesign the existing application portal to make it more user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provide comprehensive information about the programs offered by the college.

Goals and Solution

The research aims to focus on understanding students’ needs and challenges to help design a solution that optimizes the application experience for Algonquin College's future students.

Student Looking at Laptop

Research Process

01 Research Objectives

To identify primary users, analyze their application journey, understand the process at Algonquin admissions department, and learn about user pain points with respect to the process, application portal usage, and access to the right/required information.

02 Research Methodologies

Our team used a qualitative approach with a semi-structured interview protocol, conducted in-person at the design lab at Algonquin College.

03 User Personas

Group 298.png
Group 297.png

04 Empathy Mapping

We used empathy mapping to gain a deeper understanding of the user's perspective, emotions, and motivations while interacting with the application portal to improve the experience.

empathy mapping.png
Group of Asian students discussing

Design Recommendations

The recommendations include providing a preliminary timetable, an organized program webpage, an opportunity to connect with alumni, detailed information about fees and payment schedule, inclusive and clear language for portfolio requirements, and regularly updating the system, particularly for waitlists.

Rethinking Algonquin College Application Process

Based on participant feedback, recommendations include improving the notification system to be more interactive, highlighting the career advisor service, and giving more exposure to program content to reduce uncertainty and boost confidence in the process.

More Updates Coming Soon...!

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