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Public Health Agency of Canada

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My Role

UX Researcher

UX Designer


• Figma
• Balsamiq
• Figjam


• User Research

• User Interviews
• Usability Testing
• Data Analysis
• Prototyping
• UI Designing
• Coordinating with Client

Team Management


8 Months


Public Health Agency of Canada


Alex, Noha, Jay, Myself

Problem Space

Communicating time sensitive measures to different communities and user groups.

Problem Statement

How can public health agencies communicate timely

measures of Type-2 Diabetes prevention?

Design Process

01 User Research

  • Focus on 35-45 age group

  • They are in an opportunistic time in their lives to make behavioural changes for healthier lifestyle habits.

  • Through the survey that we conducted, we investigated :

Deliverables – Lumos – Presentation.jpg

02 User Personas

Deliverables – Lumos – Presentation (1).jpg

03 Research Approach

To measure potential engagement using health promotion and risk assessment tools, such as the CanRisk assessment for Type-2 diabetes, we conducted a quantitative survey followed by qualitative user interviews with users


Articles literature review as part of secondary research


Valid survey responses


User and SME interviews

Thematic coding and 

Descriptive analysis

04 Research Findings

  • Users had a desire for healthy lifestyle advice, beyond the doctors office

  • A need for health education; reading nutrition labels, understanding physical activity

  • Expecting existing health resources to be more visible and easily discoverable

Deliverables – Lumos – Presentation.jpg

How do users learn unfamiliar terminologies?

Google is the top choice, however, consulting with healthcare professionals came in a close second, indicating the desire of seeking expert advice and guidance.

Deliverables – Lumos – Presentation (1).jpg

How often do users review nutrition labels?

Participants expressed frustrations about lack of resources, support for nutrition education and also the difficulty of identifying hidden ingredients in processed foods.

Deliverables – Lumos – Presentation.png

Topics discussed by users with healthcare provider

Type-2 Diabetes is the most commonly discussed topic with healthcare provider, indicating the public's need for information on this matter.

Insights #1 - Individuals usually attempt seeking their own clarifications on health information

Online information is not conclusive and sort of contradicts itself and information on google is very scary and stressful.

Insights #3 - Consistent, longstanding primary care relationships are viewed as a privilege

I guess haven't really had a family doctor since living with a parent, so I've had to rely on walk-in clinics.

Insights #2 - Healthcare experiences influence nutrition and exercise tracking formalities

If doctors themselves would bring up health related topics rather than the patient asking.

Insights #4 - Family doctors are viewed as a convenience and a hindrance to desired care

I'll tell my doctor… things I want him to look into.

05 Data Analysis

Using Affinity mapping, we transformed raw data to valuable information and made an empathy map

affinity mapping.png
Team Lumos – Everything - UX research - Journey map.jpg

How Might We....?


Bridge the gap between government resources and the public by improving visibility and discoverability?

06 Experience Principles

Grounded in the user’s emotional state and comprise the key ingredients of the experience with the product or service

  • Clarifies to provide more comprehensive information

  • Provides proactive and personalized touchpoints for unique user needs

  • Approachable, accessible and reputable, trusted resources

07 Early Prototypes

  • The early prototype was tested with  5 participants and 4 SMEs.

  • The intent was to uncover primary interest levels and how to entice further interaction.


08 Validation


09 Solution - Trusted Communication Campaign

An interactive Type-2 Diabetes CanRisk assessment, including educational resources and clinicians nearby, which makes already available resources more discoverable to the users.

Deliverables – Lumos – Presentation (2).jpg

1. Pharmacy Sweet Spot- Assessment Tool on Tablet

An interactive spot inviting users to assess Type-2 Diabetes risk using CanRisk assessment


Link to prototype -

2. Email & Social Media – Awareness Campaign

Posters_emailer mockup.png

3. Workplace Kit

  • Targeted towards employers to improve health communication for employees.

  • Includes same content as email for employees to access CanRisk, support resources and locations of kiosks.

  • For managers, inclusion of advice for supporting employees and informative posters for breakrooms.

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