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SLIC Healthcare

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A web-based platform that allows healthcare providers manage and update medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with providers.


The project was about digitizing paper-based patient medical record tracking sheets

My Role

UX Designer


• Figma
• Balsamiq
• Figjam


• UI designing
• Information Architecture
• Wireframing
• Prototyping
• Analyzing user feedback
• Coordinating with project managers and engineers.


1 year

Problem Statement

The medical front desk staff's technology usage has increased since COVID-19, leading to a high user error rate and decreased productivity due to a dependency on paperwork and software not easily accessible without prior training.

Goals and Solution

We introduced a portal to optimize data with organized content, intuitive interactions, effortless navigation, and optimized visual data with no cognitive load.

Design Process

01 User Research

We interviewed users from clinics and hospitals and found common barriers were when scheduling appointments, making payments, and storing medical records.

02 User Personas

Group 261.png
Group 260.png

03 Research Findings

We found that the main challenge was reducing the effort of doctors to navigate through multiple pages and the front-desk staff's excessive workload due to a confusing interface.


Design Process

04 Ideation

We interviewed users from clinics and hospitals and found common barriers were when scheduling appointments, making payments, and storing medical records.

05 wireframing

Group 314.png
Group 316.png
Group 315.png


Several changes to the existing portal's interface and user flow were recommended, including simplifying the interface, reorganizing the layout, adding clear labels and explanations, and streamlining the process of completing tasks.

01 Admin Console

A central panel for front-desk staff and doctors to keep track of appointments, schedules, create medical forms, and reports, which also aids in monitoring real-time database analytics and stats.


02 Form and Report Builder

This module consists of in-built form and report templates to eliminate the time-consuming procedure of developing new forms everytime


03 Front Office

This module is designed for tab interface, having two different logins: for staff and the other for patients, allowing staff to enter details during registration or let patients fill by themselves.


User Testing and Feedback

We delegated daily activities such as navigating to the appointments section, creating or deleting appointments, contacting doctors, generating new forms or reports and implemented insights gained from testing to reinterpret the challenges.


Centralized interface reduced cognitive load, optimized time, and increased efficiency, resulting in customer benefits, fulfilling the objective of increasing operational efficiencies for caregivers, although the web app will proceed to upgrade.

My Learnings

I realized the importance of research, and experienced a shift in perspective while working on the research, I learned that it's tough to design a product for two distinct audiences, especially when the needs of users who use the app every day, analyze the data and perform different types of treatments.

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