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The Food Club

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A unique dining experience that brings together chefs from all around the world to showcase their talents and cultural cuisine.


The idea for The Food Club came from the owner's love for travel and desire to bring the flavors of the world to their hometown. After years of planning and research, the restaurant finally opened its doors to the public in 2020. The vision is to be the go-to destination for food lovers seeking to discover new flavors and cuisines from all around the world, and to create a unique and memorable dining experience for every guest.

My Role

Brand Designer

Graphics Designer


• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Illustrator


• ideation
• Branding
• Logo Designing
• Brand Guidelines
• Analyzing user feedback
• Coordinating with project managers and stakeholders


3 Months

Problem Statement

Despite the diverse population in the city, there were limited options for multicultural dining. Many restaurants offered traditional dishes from one specific culture, but there were few opportunities to try a variety of cuisines from different countries in one place.

Goals and Solution

• Attract a diverse group of customers who are looking for a unique dining experience • • Provide a platform for talented chefs from different cultures to showcase their talents • Create a menu that offers a variety of dishes from different countries

• Establish a reputation as a top-tier multicultural dining destination

Plate of Sushi

Design Process

01 Target Audience

The Food Club's target audience is food enthusiasts who are looking for a unique dining experience and want to try new and exciting dishes from different cultures. They also target foodies who enjoy discovering new flavors and cuisines, and professionals who are looking for an upscale place to dine.

02 User Research

Before opening, the restaurant conducted extensive research on the local community to understand their dining habits and preferences. They also surveyed potential customers to gather information on what types of dishes and cuisines they were interested.

02 User Personas

Group 314.png
Group 313.png

03 Research Findings

The research showed that there was a high demand for multicultural dining options in the area, and that customers were particularly interested in trying dishes from Asian and Mediterranean cultures.

Restaurant Interior

Visual Design

The founders of Bheem Singh Mithaiwala wanted a logo that would reflect the brand's commitment to authenticity and traditional methods of preparation. They also wanted the logo to evoke the cultural heritage of Rajasthan and to incorporate traditional Rajasthani design patterns.

Logo Design

The main objective of the logo is to communicate the restaurant's commitment to offering a diverse range of authentic dishes from different cultures and countries. The logo should also convey the upscale atmosphere of the restaurant.

The logo for The Food Club features a compass icon in red, white, and black color. The compass indicates that the restaurant offers dishes from all four corners of the world. Inside the compass, there are illustrations of various food items, representing the diverse range of dishes on offer. The illustrations are done in a playful and whimsical style, adding a sense of fun and excitement to the logo. The typography is modern and clean, with the name of the restaurant written in black, bold and all caps, to make it stand out.

food pachage mockup - 03.png


The logo for The Food Club has been well received by the target audience and has helped to establish the restaurant as a top-tier multicultural dining destination. The compass icon and food illustrations effectively communicate the restaurant's commitment to offering a diverse range of authentic dishes from different cultures and countries. The use of red, white and black color scheme also adds to the sophistication and elegance of the logo, which fits perfectly with the upscale atmosphere of the restaurant.

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